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USU IT & Service Monitoring

Alarm & Maintenance Management

You will learn how to manage the state-dependent processing of alarms and what you need to do to avoid false alarms. Additionally, you will learn how to secure alarms with multi-level escalation mechanisms…

USU IT & Service Monitoring

Dashboarding for Serviceowner

You will discover the possibilities for displaying your data center environment with ZIS GUI and SSC (Self Service Cockpit). An example is used to visually display a data center environment consisting…

USU IT & Service Monitoring


In the 2-day online training, you will learn everything about reports and how to create them. Learn how data processing is used in Report and sub-reports and how to work with sub-reports and advanced XML…

USU IT & Service Monitoring

SLM - Service Level Monitor

You will learn how to correctly interpret SLM dashboards on the web GUI and manage service levels, as well as how to make corrections and perform monitoring. Furthermore, you will learn how to set up SLM…

USU Software Asset Management

ST02-1 USU License Management - Functions & Configurations

This training is focused on understanding/handling the data feeds, i.e. understanding the specification requirements, but also options for data transformation and, in particular, understanding the impact…

USU Software Asset Management

ST03-1 USU License Management - End User Training

This core training enables users to understand and make use of the overall USU License Management functionality for Software Asset Management.Content/Learning Objectives: Understanding the USU License…

USU Software Asset Management

ST04-1 USU License Management - Catalog Data

This basic training focuses on a core element of USU License Management - the Catalog. Content/Learning Objectives: Understand the Catalog Get to know potential sources for data/information retrieval…

USU Software Asset Management

ST05-1 USU License Management - Software Inventory Recognition

This training focuses on software discovery, i.e., the acquisition and processing of raw software data. Content/Learning Objectives:  Understand the strategic model A-model (operative level of inventory…

USU Software Asset Management

ST05-2 USU License Management - Software Inventory Process & Control

Once software inventory data has been successfully loaded into the application, it will be processed. This training focuses on understanding the interpretation of raw data, the signature coverage report…

USU Software Asset Management

ST08-1 USU License Management - License Inventory

This training covers the process of license recording and handling. First, licenses will be recorded both manually and by using the import interface. Afterwards, we will discuss the different functions…

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