Customer Engagement Solutions

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Customer Engagement Solutions

Pega CRM Suite - AI-powered customer engagement in real time

Perfect customer experiences and proactive services at the right time - customers expect no more and no less from your company. With Pega CRM Suite, you put your customers at the center of your business - along the entire customer journey: from the targeted marketing campaign to the business transaction to the perfect service. The AI-powered Customer Engagement Suite creates the ideal basis for optimizing your customer relationships and differentiating your products and services in highly competitive markets.

As an experienced Pega partner, USU offers concentrated technological expertise in the implementation of your CRM project: from strategic consulting and implementation to maintenance and operation.

Pega CRM Suite - benefits for the entire company

Pega CRM Suite enables real-time customer engagement. With the AI-powered Customer Decision Hub as the basis for all applications, customer needs can be predicted early, interactions personalized, and consistent customer experiences created across all channels. This offers numerous advantages for marketing, sales and customer service.

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Advantages for marketing

300 % Increase in conversion rate through AI-powered next best action marketing.

600 % Increase in the response rate of your marketing activities

30 % Reduction of bounce rate

More advantages


  • Optimization of sales performance by identifying hidden sales potentials
  • Anticipating customer needs through AI-powered forecasting.
  • Simpler central sales processes

Customer service

  • Increase customer satisfaction through fast, proactive and personalized services
  • Increase the productivity of your agents through quick access to context-based knowledge
  • Reduction of service costs through automated processing of standard requests

Pega CRM Suite at a glance

As the market leader in customer engagement and digital process automation software, the Pega CRM suite provides the ideal foundation for successfully implementing your customer-first strategy - whether in marketing, sales or customer service.

What makes Pega unique is that all these applications are developed on the basis of a uniform low-code development platform: the Pega Platform. This allows you to individually configure and extend all applications directly in the business departments - without additional development support. This relieves your IT and accelerates your processes.

Customer Decision Hub

The Ki-powered engine for your sales automation and marketing! The Customer Decision Hub determines the Next Best Action for each of your customers.

Pega Marketing

Never miss a sales opportunity again with Next Best Action Marketing. AI helps you launch the right campaign with the right content. Then, everything you need for multichannel marketing is provided by Pega Marketing.

Pega Sales Automation

The Sales Automation application helps you identify sales opportunities with customers while strengthening customer loyalty. It gives you intelligent calls to action, sales guidance, and powerful AI to help salespeople take action at the critical moment. Also, increase sales effectiveness and efficiency through integration with Outlook and mobile apps.

Pega Customer Service

Get the complete view of your customers including all interaction and cross-channel dialog. Integrating your inventory systems with USU's active knowledge database or another knowledge management solution is of course possible.

Pega platform

With Pega's low-code approach, understanding problems between business and IT are a thing of the past. You can respond immediately to business needs with a fully collaborative approach.

Benefit from know-how and many years of Pega experience

As a Pega partner, our certified consultants and developers implement individual solutions for you based on the Pega platform and standard products in the areas of CRM and Digital Process Automation.

You benefit from the certified know-how of our employees - consultants, developers, project managers or even entire teams - with whom your departments work together to ensure project success.

More and more well-known companies, especially from the financial services, insurance, public sector and healthcare industries, are relying on Pega products in combination with USU expertise!

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