ITSM Group

ITSM Consulting GmbH, the head of the ITSM Group, was founded in 2000 and is today one of the leading German and international consulting firms. Customers experience its special expertise primarily in the areas of IT service management, IT governance and organizational consulting as well as platform support and ITSM training.

In addition to the Group, there are other wholly-owned subsidiaries. ITSM-Solutions GmbH concentrates, for example, on the provision of project management services, while ITSM Trusted Quality GmbH in Germany focuses on consulting services in the field of security management; the "Trusted-Quality" companies in Austria and Switzerland serve the local markets with the portfolio of the entire group, adapted to local specifics.


Am Kuemmerling 21-25
55294 Bodenheim

Phone: + 49 6135 93340
Fax: + 49 6135 933422