USU AI Services Using data intelligently – in every department

USU AI Services

Data-driven services boost business success

Using applied AI technologies, we transform data into valuable decision-making aids – from control and maintenance in production to automated ticket processing in IT to knowledge management and customer service. Optimizes processes, enhance efficiency, and reduce your costs in all areas.

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Avoid human errors

Reduce costs

Save time

Boost efficiency

Enable new business models

USU AI Services

AI Industrial Analytics

AI Industrial Analytics

USU – the experts for data-driven business success

As Europe's largest solution provider for the digitalization of services, we know exactly how digital transformation works. Our portfolio covers the entire spectrum of data-driven services.

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Why choose AI from USU?

We provide AI solutions that create measurable business results from digital transformation. By incorporating insights from your company data and external information, these solutions enable better decisions that help you improve your bottom line in no time.


Tap new sources of revenue with data-driven services

Valuable information is abundant in your company. But in most cases, only a fraction of this information is put to use. Our proven AI solutions reveal the untapped wealth of data in your existing systems and convert it into strategically relevant information. We then use that information to develop data-driven services – targeted at potential new products and new sources of revenue.

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