Condition Monitoring

Real-time information ensures machine efficiency
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Capitalize on Industry 4.0 by implementing condition monitoring

Vibration, lubrication, temperature: What kind of shape is your machine or plant in? The focus of condition monitoring is answering precisely this question. Continuous monitoring is a process based on measuring and analyzing physical quantities and serves as a constant source of information. A reliable security system that reacts quickly is needed to efficiently operate machines and plants.

Your benefits

Predictive identification of faults

Targeted maintenance strategy

Optimized maintenance coordination

Fewer disruptions in the production process

Minimized downtimes

Lower maintenance costs

Condition monitoring from real-world use

Whether a spindle or a drive unit, most machines and equipment have something inside that’s turning. For this reason, condition monitoring from USU is often used for vibration analysis. Changes in the known vibration behavior (frequency spectrum) — of, for instance, a ball screw spindle — indicate wear or a defect. Unlike the simple, uninformative determination a threshold value provides, condition monitoring uses AI methods to consider a range of key variables. Anomaly detection clearly identifies faults and defects. Even the source of the disruption is determined — the basis for promptly and systematically rectifying the problem.


Vibrations, temperatures, pressure, filling levels: With condition monitoring from USU, data is constantly collected and analyzed in real time — to more quickly identify a problem and resolve it as well as to improve machine efficiency, which curbs costs.

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