Predictive Quality

Avoid costly rejects long before they happen
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Capitalize on Industry 4.0 by using predictive quality

Coming up short on quality has to be avoided. That goes without question! But in most cases quality control takes place at the end of the production process. That’s too late: After all, production costs have already been incurred. Poor quality therefore means a loss of investment. With predictive quality from USU, you benefit from continuous monitoring of all production parameters and the ability to predict possible faults — and, as a result, you gain enormous savings potential.

Your benefits

Reduced rejects

Improved product quality

Greater production efficiency

Optimized production parameters

Predictive quality from real-world use

Production parameters in the form of time series — for example, pressure, temperature or torque over time — form our basis here. Our first step is to apply algorithms that initially determine the influencing factors related to quality. We build on this for the classification of quality conditions, and we then draw from these conditions to generate the recommendation for the optimum parameters to achieve the desired product quality.


Largely avoiding rejects and proactively ensuring the desired product quality during ongoing production is the goal of predictive quality from USU.

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