Configuration & Customizing

Easily adapt your ITSM solution

User Interfaces

  • Existing or new user interface overlays (info objects, catalogs, fields, columns)
  • Role-specific views depending on roles and authorizations
  • Rule-based, dynamic views depending on data
  • Display mode for lists such as multiple lines, calendar, and graphical display of dependent objects
  • Search fields (full text search, attribute search)

Data model

  • Extension with your own data objects
  • Extension with your own data object relations

Roles and rights

  • Role-based rights (interface overlays, read/write data)
  • Client-based rights


Adaptation and modelling of processes using templates

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Secure integration into your IT and connection to external systems

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After first making adjustments in the development stage, transfer the changes to the test stage; and after successful testing, send them on to the production stage. Our ITSM solution supports you with tool-supported, automated, and error-free deployment to the next stage.

Our solution logs, adjusts, and tracks any changes continuously. This supports a smooth migration process when you upgrade to new versions of our ITSM solution.

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