Integration and Interfaces

Securely integrate and connect to our ITSM solution

Integrate our ITSM solution into any external system — It doesn't make a difference if you operate ITSM in the cloud or on-premises: It supports data exchange through import/export, continuous data synchronization, and interaction with external processes in third-party systems.

Our ITSM solution supports transaction-secure data exchange and reliably monitors data-exchange processes, automatically checks the data quality of external data, and generates messages in case of deviations or interface errors. You can even model and simulate complex interface processes, data maps, and conversions on your own using the graphical interface and then execute them reliably.

The solution comes with a large number of preconfigured interfaces to common IT systems to simplify integration into ERP systems (SAP), ITSM systems (BMC, HP, CA, IBM, Microsoft, and others), discovery tools (LANDesk, Baramundi, Matrix42, RayVentory, and others), active directory and email systems, telephone systems, and more.