Cloud Platform Monitoring

Efficiently automate monitoring of all your cloud applications, services, and processes

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LeuTek is now USU – Same Expertise. Same People. New Name.

Automated monitoring of all clouds

Cloud Platform Monitoring provides you with comprehensive, automated monitoring of your entire cloud infrastructure and services across different providers, whether in a private, public, or hybrid cloud. Currently, our solution supports AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud as standard.

Our solution collects relevant information about the state, event messages, availability, and performance of your cloud infrastructure and service and evaluates this in the context of an event and service correlation. Cloud connectors serve as a channel for communication with the cloud

Cloud monitoring auto discovery

Automation through cloud discovery

By accessing the cloud service account, the monitoring system automatically detects the cloud infrastructure at the provider level, and sets up monitoring of those cloud resources in the system. If you expand or change your cloud infrastructure, the system automatically adds new resources to the existing monitoring system, and also updates and monitors them.

Dashboard for Discovery

By applying the same user tags or labels used to identify services and cloud instances, you get a unified, simplified view of cloud resources. This gives departments the ability to more quickly identify the root causes of problems, which in turn reduces troubleshooting time and effort.

Cloud monitoring root cause analysis dashboard

Root cause cloud dashboard

The dashboards provide a visual depiction of the preprocessed relevant information for a wide range of users, including IT managers, business departments, service owners, and management. Integrated alerts ensure professional IT alarm management and inform the relevant contacts when problems or outages arise, resulting in significantly reduced downtimes.

Root cause analysis dashboard

Selected features

Automatic discovery and active monitoring of your cloud applications and services

Ensure end-to-end monitoring of your IT and services

Comply with audit requirements by archiving performance and availability data over the long term

Create transparency for meeting terms of SLAs

Use multiclient dashboards with integrated error analysis

Central alerts

White Paper

White Paper: IT Service Alerting

Our new white paper shows how modern IT service alerting can help you minimize Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) - the average time it takes to repair a system after an outage.
White Paper

Ticket Correlation

Read in our solution paper how our solution can help you with this problem and how you can save a lot of effort and costs.

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