Service Monitoring

Ensure efficient, automated monitoring and secure performance and availability of your services and processes 

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IT & Business Service Monitoring

With our IT & Business Service Monitoring solution, master the fine art of business-focused IT quality and risk management. Use our solution to keep an eye on all individual business service components and their dependencies. Our solution also flexibly and automatically monitors your complex hybrid IT environment and non-IT services in real time while ensuring availability and performance.

This solution not only gives you the ability to respond quickly to problems and outages, it can also anticipate and prevent errors and SLA violations from occurring in the first place.

Business Service Monitoring dashboard

Root cause analysis

You need high-performance business service monitoring to easily detect errors and their effects. Our root cause analysis and impact analysis tools will do just that. Use root cause analysis to accurately trace errors or outages to their source and easily locate the faulty component.

Root cause analysis dashboard

Impact analysis

Use impact analyses to clarify service dependencies and obtain a visual overview of sub- and top-level services impacted by a component failure. Impact analyses also show you the links between the individual objects, and it comes with a simulation feature to identify potential effects caused by disruptions or changes to dependent services. You have the advantage of identifying any impacts to existing service level agreements (SLAs) upfront, so you can take this into account. 

Root cause analysis dashboard

Selected features
360° view of all your IT operations
Always current: Service structures updated automatically
Drill-down functionality within service structures
Multiclient dashboards with all relevant additional information
Integrated alerts
Simulation of maintenance scenarios

Service level monitoring

Monitoring SLAs in real time

Avoid service level agreement (SLA) violations by monitoring compliance in real time. The system automatically triggers an alert when defined threshold values are exceeded, showing you which service is impacted and what is causing the problem. The system supports freely definable service times and considers specific holiday calendars as well as company-specific maintenance intervals. An extensive repertoire of templates ensures that your reporting covers all your monitoring needs.

Dashboard Service Level Monitoring

Selected features
Real-time calculation of service level availabilities
Freely definable service times with consideration of holidays and planned maintenance times
Trace changes in the service structure
Audit-compliant correction and commenting of service level reports
Multiclient dashboards
Alarms triggered when thresholds are exceeded
White Paper

White Paper: IT Service Alerting

Our new white paper shows how modern IT service alerting can help you minimize Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) - the average time it takes to repair a system after an outage.
White Paper

Ticket Correlation

Read in our solution paper how our solution can help you with this problem and how you can save a lot of effort and costs.

Smart Businesses use Service Monitoring

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