USU Knowledge Management for Automotive

The Leading Automotive Brands Rely on USU
USU Knowledge Management for Automotive

Driving the Future of Customer Service

The automotive industry, from manufacturers to dealers, is being upended by electrification, autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and more. Customer service has to keep up in order to service increasingly complex, software-driven products and a customer base consisting of digital natives who expect instant, on-demand and omnichannel service. Knowledge Management can help you. Here’s how.

Agent Assistance

Agent assistance

Automated troubleshooting

Shorter Training Time

Shorter training

Knowledge Center

Single source of truth for cars, parts, services, repair data and more

Global Roadside Assistance

Global roadside assistance

Market based content and approvals

Market based content and approvals

We understand the challenges of delivering Customer Service to drivers worldwide

Watch our short video and find out how USU Knowledge Management supports the car industry.

USU Knowledge Management helps all industries

Today, organizations are facing more challenges than ever, both external and internal. One major internal challenge is the ever-increasing volume of information. It’s more time consuming than ever to search through duplicate, low-quality and inaccurate information from multiple sources.

Knowledge Management centralizes all your information in a single source of truth and adds editorial as well as quality control processes, enabling you to deliver it to multiple channels with consistent, up to date information.

USU Knowledge Management Helps You

  1. Centralize your data in a single source of truth to tackle information overload, duplicate and outdated information
  2. Reduce standard inquiries via self-service integrated into your KM
  3. Deliver consistent service in all channels
  4. Reduces disconnected systems and helps to reduce information silos by becoming an integrated part of your software ecosystem
Knowledge Management to Solve Business Challenges

Benefits of Knowledge Management

Organizations with KM benefit from a range of KPI improvements, including:

Higher First Call Resolution Rate

Faster search, centralized from a single source of truth and decision trees result in more calls solved the first time.

Shorter Handling Times

With predictive search, interactive trouble shootings and integrated systems, agents resolve issues faster.

Shorter Training & Onboarding

With built-in e-learning, agents learn in the system they’ll use on the job, reducing onboarding and training time.

Provide Easy International Support

Easily manage market-specific and multilingual content ensuring all versions stay synced while allowing for different approvals and content for each market.

Simpler Channel Management

A single source of truth lets you maintain content in only one place, while still delivering it to multiple channels simultaneously.

Continual Service Improvement

Use analytics to identify which issues to prioritize for self-service, discover trending problems, identify content gaps and more.

Selected Use Cases

The automotive industry is broad, each sector having its own individual needs as they relate to knowledge management and providing service to customers, partners and suppliers. Combined with intelligent integrations, Knowledge Management can consolidate vehicle information, service histories and customer profiles to create a 360° picture of the customers and situation to provide fast and accurate service whether via the web, email, chat, our customer call center or at the dealership. Here is a list of KM use cases by sector to help illustrate its business value across the spectrum.

Manufacturers + Suppliers

USU Knowledge Management for Automotive - Manufacturers
  • Easily share support data directly with distributors, dealers and more
  • Market based approvals to ensure content is accurate and approved for each specific country market with its relevant regulations


USU Knowledge Management for Automotive - Drivers
  • Personalized omnichannel service 24/7
  • Access vehicle specific support on their mobile devices


USU Knowledge Management for Automotive - Dealers
  • Chatbots and decision trees to help customers quickly narrow down car models based on their needs in a few clicks and shorten the research phase
  • Manage and deliver accurate information digitally to support consumers research and purchasing experience


USU Knowledge Management for Automotive - Mechanics
  • Automated Decision Trees for troubleshooting error codes which deliver not just an explanation of the problem, but concrete next steps to take and/or the solution
  • Offline Knowledge base for full access even without internet

Road-side assistance at top level

No matter whether you run out of gas, get a flat tire, the battery is dead, or you have a breakdown or accident, immediate help is just a button push away. From self-service to interactive remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, the mobile service technicians, towing services or repairs in certified workshops – Volkswagen's mobility services coordinate assistance and deliver the right solutions on-demand, wherever needed. Over 3,000 automated decision trees map out all possible scenarios to support VW’s global assistance program which promotes their company image and increases customer loyalty with quality-assured individual solutions.


Volkswagen’s Global Roadside Assistance Program

The Biggest Names in Automotive use USU

Headquartered outside Stuttgart, Germany, the birthplace of the automobile and home to global heavyweights like Mercedes and Porsche, USU has delivered knowledge management solutions to the automotive industry for over two decades. We’re proud to count the leading manufacturers around the globe as our customers.


It is not only an obligation, but also part of our self-image to support customers quickly, effectively and individually in the event of a breakdown. Together with our long-standing technology partner USU, we have succeeded in implementing a knowledge-based system that meets the highest standards.

Daniel Beck, AUDI AG

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