USU Knowledge Management in the Finance and Insurance Industry

Customer service for a new generation of customers
USU Knowledge Management for Finance

For a new generation of customers

In banking and insurance, customers come first. Providing the same level of service on-site and online, 24/7, has become a standard. But it’s not easy. Training the service department on complex financial and risk topics is a major challenge. And with the complexity of solutions, customers may not even know the right questions to ask to resolve an issue.

A robust knowledge management system is the most efficient way to solve these challenges with the following core benefits:

Agent Assistance

Agent support with active knowledge management

Step-by-step instructions based on decision trees

Shorter Training Time

Shorter training period

Knowledge Center

Single source of truth for all processes and information

Self-Service Offer

Consistent quality of advice on all channels and across all agents

Solving for information overload

Financial and insurance companies suffer from information overload, both internal and external. Information and data overload cause a lot of wasted time for employees - for searching and verifying duplicate or inaccurate data from different sources.

That’s why forward looking financial industry companies deploy knowledge management solutions. Knowledge management solutions centralize your information into a single source of truth, and add a layer of both editorial and quality assurance capabilities. This ensures that the customer service department has the same up-to-date information on any communication channel. And adding automation and a chat-bot to your service mix? No problem.

How USU Knowledge Management helps:

  • Centralizes your data and knowledge base in a single source of truth to counteract disparate information.
  • Enables self-service to reduce common customer inquiries
  • Provides uniform and consistent resolution from all service employees, on all channels.
  • Reduces information silos by making your knowledge base accessible to all service employees
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Benefits of Knowledge Management

Companies that use KM benefit from many advantages

Higher First Call Resolution Rate (FCR)

Enable faster search and increase first-time resolution rate with centralized information and decision trees

Shorter turnaround time

Service staff handle more cases faster with intelligent search, interactive instructions and an integrated system

Shortened training and onboarding

Integrated e-learning trains agents on the same system they work in

Archiving and compliance

Maintain outdated data for compliance with built-in tools

Simple channel management

Onboard channel partners easily and enable consistent communications on all channels

Continuous service improvement

Identify self-service topics, FAQs, and detect content gaps with the Analytics add-on

USU supports finance and insurance companies worldwide

USU Knowledge Management is one of the most established solutions on the market. We are proud to support banks and insurance companies of all sizes around the globe.


In my experience with USU’s knowledge management solution, a successful project depends on a strong partnership and trust. Commitment and know-how on both the vendor and client side is key and is what USU delivers.

Oliver Braun, Project Manager, Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a.G.

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