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All closed user groups and training courses that you are familiar with from your work with Aspera, LeuTek, unymira or Valuemation can currently be accessed via the following links:

Aspera is now USU

You can access your information and service world for USU Software Asset Management here.

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LeuTek is now USU

In the customer area, we provide you with programs, updates, patches and manuals for USU IT & Service Monitoring. Training courses and seminars, from professionals for professionals, can be found under Your Trainings.

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Valuemation is now USU

USU IT Service Management optimally supported by updates, patches as well as technical product information, manuals and modular training offers.

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unymira is now USU

Knowledge Exchange provides you with all the latest product resources, documentation, release notes and forums to share your insights and tips with other users.

Knowledge Exchange

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Servicing Explosive Customer Demand With a Remote Workforce Compels Sharper Knowledge Management Practices