Cast in the Same Mold

The Black Forest-based machine builder ARBURG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality injection molding machines for plastics processing. For an international company like ARBURG with its own global sales and service organizations, knowledge of products, processes and solutions and quality advice in discussions with internal and external customers is an important factor in success. ARBURG therefore structures its IT services along the lines of an industrial production process, and organizes company-wide knowledge in a way that is reusable.

With the KnowledgeCenter, ARBURG has implemented a modular tool that ensures access to knowledge of documents and solutions distributed heterogeneously, as required on an individual basis. The USU knowledge database is incorporated into a company-wide content management system and into the USU ticketing system for IT service. It provides support today with the internal IT hotline and with customer inquiries across all departments. ARBURG employees have also been able to order IT services on the basis of Valuemation via a ‘shopping cart’.

Our challenge was on one hand to transfer the knowledge produced by experts to employees, and on the other hand to make existing well-founded product and service expertise available and – where possible – independent of people. We have now optimized the interaction of tools, processes and people in our service.

Andreas Dümmler,
Divisional Manager for Information Systems


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