IT Analysis for Transparent Process Management

The Baloise Group, based in in Basel, Switzerland, is a European provider of insurance and pension solutions. In 2012, the Group began pooling its computer centers, which were spread around the world, in a central service unit. The target was to standardize and consolidate the processes and tools within the corporate IT, so that IT services would be available for the international companies with optimized and transparent costs. This required intelligent management of IT on the basis of meaningful indicators.

Until then, data collection and consolidation had been carried out in Excel with great manual effort, and therefore only at long intervals. A central system for IT analytics was therefore to collate and process information from different IT management processes and source systems. After the establishment of an IT key indicator system, USU Service Intelligence was implemented and adapted for specific customers and the first change and client management processes were activated in 2013.

The IT reporting for the Baloise Group thus reached a new quality level. Aggregated data are now available on an ad hoc basis and serve to document costs and services and as a basis for important decisions. The role-based system offers detailed information about service composition and availability, relevant incidents or problems and service costs. The people responsible from IT or the international companies can create their own dashboards independently. These reports document services provided to the service customers and serve as evidence and substantiation in the event of queries.

Image: © Bâloise Holding AG

USU Service Intelligence has brought us an important step closer to our vision of a central service information platform. Already, our IT officers can get crucial information from business data and ITSM process data at the touch of a button.

Christian Scherer,
Member of Management/Head IT Service Management


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