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With the idea of a single telephone number for contacting the authorities – 115 – a new multi-level cooperation between federal, state and local governments was launched at the IT Summit at the end of 2006 for greater proximity  to the public and the reduction of bureaucracy in Germany. After a long conception phase, the large-scale 115 project, ambitious because of its complexity and the many different entities involved, was piloted in March 2009. A key role was assigned to integrated knowledge management, which enables the service employees to pull up the relevant documents quickly as needed and to provide competent answers. This was the only way to guarantee a standardized, uniform and multi-level information service. USU supplied the knowledge management technology as part of the consortium.

After the pilot and project phase was successfully completed, 115 went live in April 2011. In the context of further development, USU was awarded a contract to realize a new 115 platform, which was implemented after the migration, acceptance testing and training. Significant aspects included accessibility and the implementation of a security concept in accordance with BSI standards.

In the meantime, 115 has proved a success. And it is expanding further: At the start of 2014, the public administration’s customer service is available to more than 27 million citizens in 350 municipalities. The feedback from citizens is markedly positive, especially as the service promise has been significantly exceeded in terms of availability, direct resolution rates and response times. Awareness is also growing steadily – around half of all German citizens are  now thought to know about 115. However, a few big challenges must still be overcome on the way to universal availability.

We have made good progress toward a comprehensive, integrated citizens’ service. The implementation of knowledge management is a success factor here.

Silke Leßenich,
Head of the 115 Business and Coordination Office 


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