TELEKOM HILFT – Successful Service is the Best Kind of Marketing

With the “Telekom hilft” (Telekom helps) initiative, the introduction of a new magenta-colored service era was planned a few years ago. This was the result of a survey and analysis phase on the potential of the social web. The new service concept was designed to provide further help for Telekom customers – especially in the case of minor nuisances and problems – rapidly and personally, without any red tape. One year later, “Telekom hilft” was successfully launched on the popular networks of Twitter and Facebook.

However, those responsible soon faced the challenge of finding ways to secure a high-quality and consistent service in the future based on strong growth and substantial fluctuations. Usefully bundling various areas such as Twitter, Facebook and their own communities and making service knowledge available more efficiently was necessary. A central, intelligent platform to manage all service activities via numerous channels was sought. Deutsche Telekom chose unymira as its technology partner.

Over 200 agents at six locations are promptly answering all requests on the social media channels of Telekom hilft and its own Telekom hilft community. Every day, over 1,000 answers are given on social networks in addition to associated communication via e-mail or telephone providing solutions for customer inquiries. Each month, 60,000 conversations are handled in the process, with more than 1.5 million calls each month. Service in this dimension imposes the highest demands on the business, also in public in the eyes of many customers and the specialized press.

The CONNECT application offers a technological basis for a smooth process and the systematic expansion of the social media service concept of Deutsche Telekom.

Service on all channels is a key differentiation factor and a criterion that is crucial for business success. With “Telekom hilft” we have developed and implemented a modern multi-channel concept for this purpose in recent years. In this respect, we enjoy support from unymira as a consulting and technology partner and from CONNECT as a core tool.

Dominik Bauersch,


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