gkv informatik Reorganizes IT Service Management

gkv informatik bundles IT services for renowned German health insurance providers. It operates one of the largest data centers in this field in Europe. It was established by its partners, including different AOKs (German public health insurers) in addition to what is now known as BARMER GEK, with the aim of providing comprehensive and client-oriented services. Consolidating various IT areas was designed primarily to harmonize various procedures and processes in addition to IT infrastructures, tools and maturity levels, which was a great organizational and technical challenge. As a result, two simultaneous projects were initiated – a so-called “process development project” oriented towards the guidelines of the de-facto ITIL® standard and – with the support of USU’s expertise and technology – a project to integrate a software solution to provide support in service processes.

The software implementation project was successfully completed as a fixed-price project in only eleven months. This included the concept and implementation phase.

gkv informatik now manages 150,000 IT assets with over 500,000 configuration items using USU Valuemation as an integrated platform. Its constantly updated and central database is the basis for high transparency in addition to efficient, standardized and automated service processes. Over 300,000 tickets are processed each year with the support of the integrated knowledge database USU KnowledgeCenter. Therefore, scalable IT manufacturing processes can be established in a very short period of time, which make it possible to react to the specific needs of customers in an agile and flexible manner. As a result, the largest IT service provider of statutory health insurers transferred successful industrialization concepts such as automation or standardization to all key IT processes.

With the implementation of ITIL®-compliant service processes, we have created the organizational and technical basis for an increase in value creation among our customers in recent years. The collaboration with USU ran smoothly. USU Valuemation is now one of our key tools in IT service management.

André Mosinski, 
Business Coordinator Architecture


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