Seamlessly monitored thanks to IT service monitoring

As a public law institution of the Hanover region, Hannoversche Informationstechnologien (HannIT) provides diverse IT solutions for municipalities, utility and transport companies. This includes Internet services, GIS technologies, municipal applications or mobility and planning procedures. As an eGovernment service provider, HannIT attaches a lot of importance to the holistic description of processes and optimal support using a set of needs-based IT tools. The aim is to offer government customers these standardized Subsequently, the ZIS-System high-availability solution implements and connects different supplier systems as data sources. As a result, central monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure was established very quickly, including servers, databases, networks and applications.

Based on the monitoring data acquired, the project team generated instructions and recovery plans in the event of an incident. Furthermore, service level agreements (SLAs) were transparently documented and supervised.

As a result, proactive incident management and a decrease in default risks were achieved within a couple of months. In connection with this, customer satisfaction increased thanks to constantly updated information and better quality service. Service packages and thus allow them to be closer to citizens as well using efficient process automation. This requires smooth technical processes, rapid fault corrections and the minimization of failures in key systems. As a result, those responsible opted for professional systems management and LeuTek as an expert technology partner.

The ZIS-System gives us the possibility to display the availability of servers and services. It has convinced us completely. After using LeuTek’s system for six months, we can already say that we have made the right decision.

Rainer Schnese,
Deputy Chairman


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