Smart license management

The Haufe Group is synonymous with successful transformation processes. In two decades, the medium- sized company has evolved from a publishing house into a software company and now generates 95 percent of its sales from digital products and services. Haufe currently has 1,880 employees at 19 locations in Germany and abroad.

The Haufe Group is also committed to digital change when it comes to license management. It wanted to implement modernized software asset management (SAM) in order  to ensure the permanent, automated transparency of software licenses with the integration of all of the group’s subsidiaries. Following an exploratory phase and a proof of concept, SmartTrack was introduced at Haufe. It was  the only platform to meet the group’s stringent technical requirements, and the Aspera team provided an impressive demonstration of their detailed expertise in license handling.

A conclusive license overview was created in just two months. During this time, the project team successfully implemented the SmartTrack license platform.  In  addition, more than thirty business processes were newly documented and optimized, thereby standardizing and harmonizing the use of licenses within the group. This ensured and will continue to ensure that no licenses are granted unnecessarily or unlawfully. The responsible managers were able to negotiate more advantageous licensing models in an audit with Microsoft on the basis of the updated license overview.

Today, the Haufe Group has an accurate picture of its licenses and usage data thanks to SmartTrack. The company has taken a major step towards ensuring compliance and achieved a high degree of maturity in license management in just a short space of time. The entire group is benefiting from improved data  quality and additional information such as device details and user data, including the service desk.

IT architectures are not standalone solutions. During the implementation of SmartTrack, colleagues from the service desk became aware of the data generated by SmartTrack. This enabled us to use the data on a cross- functional basis.

Ramona Knäble, 
License Manager


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