Innovative Range of Services Based on a
Big Data Analysis Platform

With over 3,000 service employees worldwide and representatives in 170 countries, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (HDM) has the largest service network in the print media industry. Customers increasingly expect service concepts with intensive support to boost efficiency and have guaranteed machine availability and support in operating processes.

For over 10 years, Heidelberg has been operating a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) with over 10,000 connected devices and 2,000 sessions for remote maintenance and controlling each month.

Heidelberg is steadily continuing this development with the help of USU Industrial Smart Service. Heidelberg uses the sensor technology of machinery and the expertise of HDM specialists with regard to countless other parameters such as temperatures, streams and processes in addition to the permanent transfer of these values in order to develop a highly modern big-data analysis system.

Based on this system, service processes were improved and new services were developed at the same time. This essentially involves the early detection of anomalies using online machine data. The objective is to eliminate looming malfunctions – thanks to planned service measures – before they disturb the production process. In other words, the aim is to achieve the highest availability of machinery thanks to intelligent planned, proactive service assignments.

The first pilot phase resulted in scalable service agreements from the continuous monitoring of machinery with early fault detections and corresponding measures to a service key account contact with weekly teleconferences and defined availability key figures.

The project was the result of a prototype that Heidelberg developed independently. Based on these findings, a new, efficient and scalable platform was developed as part of a key collaboration with USU Software AG.

Thanks to Smart Services, new service products have been created for maximal performance and minimal risk for the customer. For instance, Smart Monitoring allows our customers to achieve uninterrupted production with a considerably higher availability of machinery.

Kerstin Rabbel,
Smart Services Product Manager


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