Digital Platform

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Berlin (IHK Berlin) represents the interests of the regional economy and provides a wide range of services. For example, around 200,000 companies benefit from extensive consulting services concerning all aspects of business, as well as examinations and training courses. In order to meet the new e-government requirements on improved electronic communication with members and partners, the responsible managers at IHK Berlin issued a tender for the development and implementation of an online application service. The technical basis was to be the existing Liferay extranet portal. USU’s unymira division won the tender thanks to its extensive skills as a digital expert and a Liferay Premium Partner.

The aim was to map the “Examination of expertise for mortgage brokers” process.  This  would  then  serve  as the blueprint for all other application processes for examinations and training courses. The milestones of the implementation included the establishment of participant management and the integration of e-payment and the IHK workflow management system.  Following  tests  and  a fine-tuning phase, the new digital platform went live in April 2017. Additional requirements were then successively implemented, including for taxi and rental car examinations. This required the system to be able to handle extreme peak loads.

Today, IHK Berlin’s extranet covers all of the central processes and services with a modern interface. Fully electronic, documented processes not only minimize the processing time for examinations and training  courses, but also offer considerably higher quality for applications thanks to the integration of fee payment.

Our long-term objective is to connect and integrate all existing and future IHK Berlin applications for internal users and external customers via Liferay in a user-friendly manner. In unymira, we have an expert strategy and technology partner that will assist us with all aspects of digitization so that we can realize this challenging task.

Stephan Wolter


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