Social customer service @ ING-DiBa

With more than eight million customers, ING-DiBa is Germany's third-largest retail bank. It offers a wide range of products and services across the core business areas of savings, home loans, secu- rities, consumer loans, and checking accounts for retail customers. By focusing on Internet-based business processes, ING DiBa ensures consider- able cost efficiency accompanied by pronounced customer loyalty and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

Social media management plays a key role in achieving this. ING DiBa's management wanted to find a complete solution for this area in order to make various social media platforms available centrally via a web interface. It also wanted the new system to be usable in various markets and to enable collaboration via these channels. The aim was to achieve the targeted, effective and efficient processing and categorization of several thousand service requests every month on the basis of a social customer service solution.

Following a comprehensive market evaluation, unymira won the contract thanks to its long-standing expertise in the field of social media management and the functional scope of the CONNECT engagement tool.

Following a successful project, CONNECT now bundles multiple social media platforms in a central system that can be accessed globally. As the simple and intuitive operation of the tool takes into account the requirements of different user groups, extensive reporting functions mean that service processes involving all stakeholders can be controlled and optimized measurably. Central administration also serves to reduce administra- tive expenses. In this way, ING-DiBa can offer its customers efficient and effective social customer service based on standardized service processes.

CONNECT allows our company to manage social media dialogs with customers and interested parties across a wide range of platforms efficiently and with a high degree of quality using professional software.

Rodger Schröder,
Head of Business Development


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