Systematic Customer Service

The Building Department of the Canton of Zurich (BD) is a service company of the cantonal government. The 1,600 employees perform statutory tasks in the fields of construction, planning, and environment and provide various services for the population and economy.

In order to guarantee a customer- and user-friendly help desk, the BD’s Real Estate Office evaluated the software market for suitable solutions. The objective was to compile and manage tickets and orders in an optimum manner in future with the support of a central, stable service management solution capable of handling multiple clients. The web-based system was to be flexibly adaptable to the requirements of the Real Estate Office’s complex structure and also transferable to other offices.

After the evaluation of an extensive set of criteria as part of a tender invitation procedure, USU was awarded the contract ahead of nine other bidders. Alongside the functional coverage, the ergonomic interface of Valuemation, the good references and the trust in the USU project team personnel were all particularly crucial.

During the project work, the close involvement of the users and an exact detail specification proved to be factors for success. This guaranteed not only the system-support of individual requirements, but also a high level of acceptance among the users. As a result, Valuemation was also implemented as a central help desk tool in the IT and Human Resources departments and in the Office of Civil Engineering.

With the aid of the intelligent and synergistic USU applications, the Building Department can now offer high-quality customer service in various forms and significantly reduce process costs with the optimized management of tickets and orders.

With Valuemation, the Building Department’s complex and diverse environment can now be adapted and mapped easily. It has become a leading system for the Real Estate Office, IT, the Office of Civil Engineering and the Human Resources department. The challenging road to this point was worthwhile.

Daniel Tanner,
Head of Real Estate IT Systems, REO,


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