Smart Energy

For its product entitled "Solar Power for Everyone – Renting instead of Buying," Munich-based solar energy specialist MEP Werke uses the browser-based "myCMDB" cloud solution developed by Omega Software.

From customer applications to internal processing and all the way to commissioning and monitoring the installation: The system with its flexible technical  architecture  allows  for end-to-end order processing for the installation of a new solar power system. The highly automated, customized and workflow-based application is used across all departments at MEP and supports all the process steps involved in process- ing customer orders. In this case, the complex, coordinated, and integrated workflows are based on the centerpiece of the SAAS application, the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). This is where all information about configuration items (CIs) is stored.

External service providers receive all relevant data directly from myCMDB in order to ensure on-time installation. CMDB provides all users with an instant, comprehensive overview of customer data such as the status of an order. It also provides all relevant commercial and technical documents for an order, ensures seamless documentation of all activities and offers an overview of all communication between the parties involved. The security of sensitive customer data was also a top priority for MEP Werke: All information about customers is stored on the servers using encrypted security protocols. To further optimize the order process, the company is currently developing an app that will allow sales staff to enter and save all data directly into the system while they are on site with the customer.

With the help of myCMDB, we were able to cut lead times for our orders significantly. This means that we can now install the PV system just two weeks after receipt of a valid rental contract, which in turn allows our customers to start using their self-generated electricity sooner.

Stefan Keller,
Managing Director


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