Software license management @ ÖBB

The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) are the epitome of mobility in the Alpine republic. Every year, almost 460 million passengers take advantage of ÖBB's extensive services to help them reach their destination safely and in an environmentally- friendly manner. The complex, decentralized corporate structure that had evolved over the years presented ÖBB with considerable challenges when it came to establishing and implementing group-wide software license management. The individual companies use hundreds of software products across different locations. Over the years, collecting this data had become extremely resource-intensive, not to mention error-prone on account of the manual work involved. Accordingly, the main objective was to establish a centrally managed, tool-based license management system to ensure compliance at all times on the basis of a transparent data pool. Following an extensive market evaluation, the management decided to go with the technology and expertise of Aspera.

ÖBB has now made significant progress when it comes to the challenge of implementing end-to-end software license management. Despite a complex, heterogeneous IT landscape and the difficulties of data acquisition, the organizational and technical foundations were laid as part of an extended process. License management is now broadly accepted within the company – which is also an important factor for success.

Aspera's SmartTrack software now enables access to up-to-date, transparent license data. This allows information to be provided quickly in response to audit inquiries and lets the company negotiate on an equal footing with software manufacturers like Microsoft, Adobe and Oracle. As well as reducing internal audit costs, this means significantly improved master agreements can be concluded based on actual usage.

The success of this project is our reward for tackling a large-scale transformation process of this nature. As well as significant time and cost savings, we have succeeded in creating a high degree of awareness for the subject of software license management within the group.

Hirsa Navid, License Manager,
Business Development


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