SIG Supports IT Users in Self-Service

SIG Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft, which was founded in 1853, is now one of the leading systems manufacturers of carton packaging and filling machines for food and beverages worldwide. The service desk is the single point of contact for SIG Group users if they have any questions about IT. It is therefore a key interface with IT service management processes. The number of IT tickets has more than doubled from 20,000 to 50,000 tickets in seven years.

In order to further secure the quality and efficiency of services based on this dynamic growth, those in charge planned a supplementary communication channel with users via self-service. The objective was a practical tool that is easy to use and with which users can find a solution for their relevant IT problem as quickly as possible and – provided that this is not already successful – report their problem to the IT service directly. User acceptance meant that a higher level of customer satisfaction was guaranteed and a decrease in tickets and calls was seen.

Based on the positive experience with USU’s technology and expertise in the field of business service management, SIG chose USU as its solutions partner and its intelligent self-service application, USU Smart Link. A five-month pilot phase with approximately 350 users ran successfully, which allowed the international rollout of the solution to take place.

More than 50% of global inquiries can be independently resolved using the USU Smart Link via self-service. A knowledge database with currently more than 170 solution documents gives relevant answers to themost important questions. In other cases, users  can quickly create a ticket directly while searching, which is automatically created and shown as an incident in the IT service. The diagnosis information that is automatically delivered significantly accelerates subsequent ticket processing.

With self-service, we have another service that has been established within our IT organization, creating more value for users and for us as an operator.

Achim Dilsen,
Incident Manager


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