New Online Presence

Stuttgarter Lebensversicherung a. G. is an independent insurance company with over 100 years of experience. When it wanted to implement a new technical infrastructure, Stuttgarter chose USU AG’s expertise. One of the aims was to bring websites that were running on different systems, such as, Direkte-Leben. de and, as well as the extranet and intranet, onto a standardized platform. In particular, the internet portal for all insurance brokers, which is crucial to business, was to be switched to a new sustainable technical basis and converted into a service structure, and was to serve as an integrated work and communication system for all 8,000 users.

Based on Liferay, USU created the central strategic IT environment for all applications, within six months and for a fixed price. The infrastructure that has been created is fail-safe, with high performance and can be extended. Costs for the management and maintenance of the websites and process costs have been significantly reduced.

Without the expertise and commitment to trusting, intensive collaboration, it wouldn’t have been possible for the project to succeed, given the complexity of the issues and the narrow time frame.

Oliver Braun,
Project Manager


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