TUI InfoTec GmbH – We do SAM with a Smile

TUI InfoTec GmbH has been providing IT services for the TUI Group since 1997. The leading tourist group worldwide generated sales of EUR 19.5 billion in the 2017/18 fiscal year with around 70,000 employees.* Until then, software licenses were managed only on a product- and department-specific basis. The responsibilities for this were also allocated accordingly. This and the partial incompleteness of data resulted in TUI InfoTec’s challenge to efficiently manage its software licenses. Last but not least, a software audit was on the agenda.

The most important objective of the license management project was to develop extensive and consistent license management within half a year. As a result, all license and maintenance invoices and license agreements had to be recorded and the ability to provide information about the license inventory and its use, using audits as a criterion, had to be improved. Both the creation of transparency and the guarantee of compliance with the respective license inventory for the three largest software manufacturers IBM, Microsoft and Oracle were set as a milestone.

Following a thorough market analysis, Aspera won the tender after a proof of concept. At Aspera, the project team was formed, an action plan was created and the project began.

Today, license management in the organization is clearly structured and takes into account the multifaceted infrastructure. Different license models are recorded and contracts are archived using a broadly positioned scanner technology.

Image: © TUI Group

In the license management team, we were all convinced that SmartTrack was the right tool for us following the proof of concept. We were able to implement everything with Aspera during the project. The flexibility of the tool and the pragmatic approach is resolved very well in SmartTrack.

Uwe Lehmann,
License Manager


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