Software Asset Management @ Voith

Voith sets standards in the energy, oil & gas, paper, com- modities, and transport & automotive markets. Founded in 1867, Voith is now one of the largest family companies in Europe with more than 43,000 employees, sales of EUR 5.7 billion and locations in over 50 countries. The decentralized structure and the various legal and cultural conditions pre- sented Voith with particular challenges when implement- ing compliant software asset management. Over the years, gathering and consolidating the license-relevant software date began to take up a lot of resources.

A project for Group-wide central software asset manage- ment not only targeted the installation of an appropriate license management tool, but also the establishment of  the necessary procedural, technical and organizational conditions. In addition to the economic safeguarding of compliance, transparency in the commercial and the used status of Microsoft licenses was also a major factor.

Those responsible at Voith chose Aspera and its SmartTrack solution on the basis of the technical expertise of the consultants and the functionality and interoperability of the system.

 The project was implemented at Voith in several stages. The objective of the first implementation phase was to utilize

SmartTrack productively for the license management of all clients and the Microsoft standard products. The second project stage concerned the complex issue of server-license management for Microsoft, which was successfully realized on schedule in January 2014.

Today, license management is valued highly, and there is great trust in the quality and validity of license data. With the support of SmartTrack, not only compliance is guaran- teed. The transparent overview of the required licenses also results in clear cost advantages in contract and purchasing negotiations with software manufacturers.

With Aspera’s expertise and technology, we actively implemented our ideas for central license management, redesigned the processes, and successfully realized our goals.

Michael Bonk,
Head of Commodity Competence Center IT &
Corporate License Management,


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