Systematic Advice on Financial Security

Security, property ownership, protection against risks and capital formation – those are the four components of the financial security services offered by Wüstenrot & Württembergische AG. The specialist for financial security is trusted by six million customers, based on the expertise, commitment and proximity to customers of its 6,000 partners in the field. Until now, they had used different applications depending on the type of financial security required.

A major project was implemented with the aim of replacing this variety of heterogeneous applications with central, process-oriented customer advice software with a standardized interface and ergonomic operating logic. USU won the contract thanks to its convincing architecture concept, expert advice, good references and longstanding, trusting business relationship. Based on a service contract, USU designed and developed a complete solution that can be used both on notebooks operating locally offline and as a server-based internet application. The project was realized in summer 2013.

The W&W application for providing financial security advice allows our partners in the field to provide custom- ers with structured, competent advice that spans all divisions and to offer a customized financial security concept for their individual needs.

 Jörg Müller,
Head of Sales and Management of Large Projects


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