Jun 23, 2016

Aspera Launches Breakthrough Simulation for Deep Savings in the Data Center

Boston, MA/USA, June 23, 2016

Aspera, a pioneer of strategic SAM solutions and worldwide leading service provider, has released SmartTrack Optimization & Simulation 4.1.1, a highly cost-effective and functional way to optimize data center topologies. The new release gives SAM managers full control over planning and analyzing their IT server landscape, enabling their company to maximize its current software investment and plan for the most efficient future spend.

At the heart of the simulation is the new topology designer, through which the licenses and contracts of all device types can be planned, optimized and compared on all platforms and for every infrastructure. Unlimited "what if?" license scenarios are created real-time in a sandbox, and managed without any impact on the production environment through a unique, intuitive interface. For instance, product consolidations and the effects of rollouts can be calculated in a few seconds.

"SAM teams are now able to provide all stakeholders in ITIL processes with effective services and reports," said Mathias Knops, Senior Product Manager at Aspera. "This is how our clients assess wide-ranging infrastructure and architecture issues before technical decisions and investments are made."

"The new Simulation release is a breakthrough in financial forecasting for our customers, allowing them to stage potential topology architectures to maximize cost savings," said Jim Priest CEO at Aspera. “Many of them will realize over seven figures of immediate savings with the implementation of our new Simulation. With information and data at the highest level of accuracy, it’s a solid competitive advantage in their market segment.”

The Optimization & Simulation solution is a powerful companion to Aspera’s flagship SmartTrack platform for license management. Both technologies are equally suitable for corporations, large organizations and medium-size companies due to their excellent scalability.