Aug 02, 2016

Aspera offers full-service SAP license optimization

SmartTrack LicenseControl for SAP integrates with prominent consulting services

Aachen/Germany - June 3, 2016 – The recent acquisition of the SAP license management platform SecurIntegration has bolstered the service portfolio for Aspera, a leading pioneer in strategic Software Asset Management by incorporating in-depth knowledge about SAP architecture – particularly engines, data-bases and indirect access.

"Only someone who knows which license metric changed at a particular time can optimize his license portfolio", stated Guido Schneider, Manager of Aspera's new SAP Business Unit. "We investigate with customers just how reliable their compliance is at that time, and what actions they should take in the short and medium term. Offering individualized coaching throughout the SAP contract negotiation process elevates our services from other providers.”

Studies have shown that most companies are still working with manual license measurement instead of automated reports for precise planning of their license situation. However, manual solutions make it impossible to detect possible errors or discrepancies in the audit tools figures provided by SAP.

According to Olaf Diehl, Managing Director of Aspera GmbH, "The market is open for SAP software asset management solutions. Up until now, very few companies employed an automatic SAP license management solution. Millions of euros in license fees could be avoided by using automated solutions. Making SmartTrack LicenseControl for SAP available internationally has resulted in high interest across global markets."

SmartTrack LicenseControl for SAP provides optimization and cost-efficient license options. Analysis of indirect access maximum risk, based on the amended list of prices and conditions, will be available by the end of the year. "The question of 'indirect access' can only be resolved by combining a specific tool and consultancy", emphasized Schneider.

Before the merger with Aspera, Guido Schneider and his team of experts managed the software license compliance of approximately 100 well-known clients. Prior to that, he advised approximately 300 clients about SAP security for over fifteen years. Schneider’s expertise in SAP authorisation management, SAP security, and Governance Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) in SAP environments is now reflected in Aspera's dedicated consultancy approach.