USU Hybrid Cloud Management

The modular complete solution for consolidated management of your infrastructure – in the cloud and on-premise

Many cloud providers. One solution!

Many companies already use several cloud providers for their infrastructure and applications – for example, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. At the same time, they also continue to use traditional on-premise solutions. These hybrid infrastructure environments are complex and dynamically changing. Their efficient and cost-optimized management pose major challenges for you.

Organizations without a plan for cloud cost management may be overspending by 70% or more.


USU hybrid cloud management helps you maintain an overview and improve performance

The USU solution for hybrid cloud management gives you a consolidated overview of your hybrid IT infrastructure and contracts as well as transparent control options for both the cloud and your own data center. It puts you in control of all aspects of your hybrid cloud infrastructure, from technical management, cost overview, usage transparency through to governance issues. You can thereby more effectively manage your infrastructure both in multicloud environments and in the classic data center, automate processes and lower your costs.

How you benefit

Consolidated overview

Control options

Usage transparency

Cost Optimization


Automated processes

Your cockpit for active hybrid cloud management

Our hybrid cloud management solution gives you a consolidated overview of all information on your hybrid infrastructure, tailored to the different roles in your company.

  • Head of IT (CIO)
  • Cost Center Owner
  • Service Manager 
  • Infrastructure and Operations Manager
  • Technical and Application Management

One glance and you have immediate access to the relevant figures for your hybrid cloud environment. Unused cloud resources, budget overruns, SLA breaches and acute and long-term cost optimization potential are visible at all times. The service portal also gives you quick and easy access to functions for further detailed analysis or processing.

Complete solution – modular according to your requirements

Our hybrid cloud management solution functions as a modular system. It includes the following modules, which can be used individually or in combination:

Hybrid Cloud Cost Management & Resource Optimization

Planning & Calculation of Resources/Costs

This feature lets you efficiently plan and monitor your cloud resources (type, provisioning models) based on your requirements. You can access pricing information for all cloud resources and automatically integrate them in your IT service cost planning. This lets you keep an eye on your cloud resources from the outset and maintain control over your entire cloud cost management at all times.

Costing & Charging

This feature allows you to consolidate statements from your various cloud infrastructure providers and distribute the incurred costs as appropriate to your cost centers, organizational units, projects or services. The costs for your infrastructure from the data center can also be included. This gives you complete transparency – comprehensible and without manual interim steps.

Cost Comparison with Budget Plans

This function lets you clearly display and compare planned and current cloud costs. In addition, a dashboard can be used to track and analyze the current expected cost development compared to the plan. You are automatically alerted if a budget limit you have set is reached.

Cost Optimization

According to Gartner, 30% of cloud infrastructure costs are beyond what is needed for usage, so this is an immediately avoidable cost. The cost optimization feature assesses all cloud infrastructure components in your hybrid cloud environment and monitors their usage – without manual effort. Cloud resources paid for but not used are identified and can be canceled or put to better use. Permanently underutilized assets can be consolidated. The feature also provides capacity forecasts for all cloud resources and offers suggestions for optimization. Based on the information obtained, companies can more effectively plan future contract and architecture models and realize important savings potential.

Hybrid Cloud Governance

Compliance Assurance

This ensures that your hybrid cloud environment complies with the controls and procedures specified in IT governance. The feature gives you a structured way to define binding rules for the following topics:

  • IT security measures and procedures
  • Emergency recovery procedure
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Guidelines for management
  • Guidelines for IT architecture
  • Agreements with customers for the quality of service delivery (SLA)

The function aids the allocation of compliance-relevant information to their cloud resources with:

  • A cloud resources catalog
  • A system for tagging cloud resources
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Selection of the appropriate deployment model (availability, capacity, performance, region and a horizontal autoscaling policy) 
  • Integration in provisioning processes
  • Integration in the security policy for cloud resources

This feature thereby lets users optimally control the compliant use of cloud resources.


This feature gives you an overview of all your hybrid cloud resources at all times. The following monitoring functions are available:

  • Monitoring of access and permissions (IAM, RBAC)
  • Monitoring of deviations from plans and guidelines 
  • Which service uses which cloud resource
  • Monitoring of cloud resources performance parameters
  • Event and alert monitoring and multichannel notification for:
    • Plan and policy deviations
    • Exceeded performance parameters
    • License violations
    • Current changes in operating status
  • Dashboard Monitoring

Reporting & Audit

This feature provides end-to-end reporting and auditing capabilities across all infrastructure components, regardless of deployment location, and aligns them with agreed service levels (SLAs) and applicable IT governance controls and procedures. This gives you a consolidated view across all areas of infrastructure, from the various cloud providers through to your own data center, at all times.

End-to-End Reporting for your Services

Variance reports

  • Authorized vs. unauthorized cloud resources
  • Authorized vs. unauthorized executed requests
  • Authorized vs. current cloud resources
  • SLA deviations
  • Security deviations and violations
  • Untagged cloud resources

Usage and configuration reports

  • Cloud resources usage per IT service
  • Cloud resources and configurations by type (e.g. use of a cloud database infrastructure consisting of the cloud resources database, server, storage and network)
  • Planned vs. actual capacity utilization 
  • Planned vs. actual cloud resources
  • Used vs. unused cloud resources

Hybrid Cloud Provisioning & Orchestration

Process Automation

The most critical customer expectation nowadays is fast delivery of your IT services. Process automation accelerates the delivery of cloud resources, reduces the number of potential sources of error and lowers operating costs. Our solution lets you automate processes along the entire value chain, from provisioning to modification through to cancellation. The feature covers the following aspects:

  • Request registration and processing
  • Planning and specification of cloud resources
  • Authorization of cloud resource allocation (RBAC)
  • Update of asset and configuration information (asset register, CMS (CMDB), SMDB, etc.)
  • Automated provisioning/cancellation of cloud resources
  • Integration into IT operations (incident management, monitoring and event management, problem management, change enablement) 

Provisioning & Orchestration

This feature includes automatic, workflow-based instantiation of cloud resources in multicloud environments. With intelligent cloud resource lifecycle management, including smart tag management, you gain efficiency, keep your CMDB current, and gain a complete overview of your cloud infrastructure.

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