LeuTek GmbH
Stadionstraße 4-6
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

+49 711 94707-0

LeuTek GmbH

LeuTek GmbH are one of the leading manufacturer of monitoring tools for IT operation. LeuTek have been offering excellent products and solutions in the areas service monitoring, systems management, capacity management and cloud monitoring for over 30 years.

With more than 300 installations, LeuTek have gained extensive experience in all areas of IT operation. Many renowned companies and market leaders from different industries belong to our customers and have been relying on the powerful products and the first-class service provided by LeuTek. Since 2006, LeuTek GmbH have been member of the USU group.

Jürgen Frey

Executive Director

Jürgen Frey studied plastics engineering at FH Aalen with subsequent postgraduate studies of engineering/computer sciences at FHTE Esslingen. He has been working for LeuTek GmbH since 1991 and as a manager director since 2001. He is responsible for software development.

Claus Mohoric

Executive Director

Claus Mohoric studied precision mechanics at FHTE Esslingen and has been working for LeuTek GmbH since 1990. He has been managing director since 2001 and is responsible for hardware development, consulting, support, and administration.

Holger Sampel

Executive Director Marketing & Sales

Holger Sampel has long-standing experience in the software industry and at LeuTek GmbH, that is specialized in IT monitoring solutions. He has promoted both growth and success of the company for many years, last as sales and marketing manager. In his new position as directing manager as of February 1, 2019, Holger Sampel is responsible for sales and marketing at LeuTek.

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