Company mission statement

All that is important to us has been developed in a joint effort with our colleagues. During discussions, we formulate, coordinate and combine our fundamental values and objectives, then summarize them in core statements. For our company to be successful, we need to have common values. The following sections describe them in terms of our guidelines and objectives, which are not immutably carved in stone, but continuously changing as we constantly realign, redefine and redouble our efforts...


Sustainable business success is the objective and foundation of our activities. By this, we mean the success of our customers, business partners, shareholders and employees. We are committed to serving their interests. We work with people for people.


The success of our customers is the basis of our business. We mobilize and apply every available resource to help create a successful partnership based on trust with our customers. We listen to our customers and partners and use our expertise to find the best solution for them. We deliver quality. We therefore need all of our customers to actively function as references. Our services are flexible and reliable. We help our customers to achieve their long-term goals. Our customers enjoy working with our employees.


Our success is based on the minds of our employees, their knowledge, their professionalism, their character and, above all, their creativity. To us, their soft skills are just as important as their professional qualifications. We enhance both qualities. The ability to work openly and collaboratively with colleagues and customers is our real capital. We compensate our employees based on market standards and their own performance. When we as employees assume responsibility for our own business area, we contribute to our company's success and profit from it.


Success is not possible without a trusting working relationship. And trust must be earned anew every single day. We deal with one another candidly, fairly and respectfully – both in internal settings and in interaction with our customers, shareholders and business partners. We assume our social responsibility as corporate citizens.

Management style

The foundation of our shared success is entrepreneurial thinking by each and every one of us. We act as co-entrepreneurs, not as co-workers. Our joint working relationship is characterized by team-driven action, freedom, and open doors and ears. We take time for personal and work-related conversations. We keep our promises and provide feedback to one another. We encourage and challenge our employees. We take occupational health and safety seriously. We resolve conflicts in a composed, business-like manner, and we learn from mistakes.


A candid, timely and objective dialog conducted inside and outside the company is a critical factor for our success. Credibility and mutual trust arise during continuous interaction that extends across all hierarchies and business boundaries. We understand this. We work extremely hard to encourage lively communication both inside and outside the company.


The exceptional quality of our products and services is a key to the accomplishment of our business objectives. We define quality on the basis of the satisfaction of our internal and external customers. Every individual is expected to strive for quality. We react flexibly to our customers’ needs by training our employees and applying proven quality processes.

Range of services

We and our customers gain an edge on our competitors through our technologies and services. Our customers’ requests and needs constantly require us to provide optimal customer benefits at reasonable prices. Our high-quality products and solutions in the area of knowledge management and IT controlling help us to achieve this. Flexibility and process orientation are integrated parts of this effort. Our range of services appeals to the market. We generate our growth with them. 


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