Social involvement

A central aspect of the corporate culture at the USU Group concerns social responsibility in society. We have been supporting various charitable, not-for-profit and cultural institutions, organizations and projects for many years. In many cases, the personal stories and initiatives of our employees are behind this. We actively support art and culture too. And sports aid is something else that we are committed to. This covers Board of Trustees donations to Deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sports Aid) and direct financial support for sportsmen and women.

Sport plays an important role in bridging the gaps between social groups. Sport embodies emotions and positive values, including commitment, discipline, motivation, team spirit, and helps to link people of all backgrounds and character. This is why USU continues to promote its long-standing involvement in high-level sport as well as in organized sport and popular sporting activities. For example, the company supports Deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sport Aid) with 150 memberships, contributions to a trust and the hurdler Felix Franz. Felix came fifth over 400 meters at the 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zürich. USU is currently the shirt sponsor for the German para boccia team and supports the IT specialist Bastian Keller from Markgröningen who is number 57 in the world ranking for para boccia.


Since the mid-90’s, regional artists have used space in the USU GmbH offices in Möglingen to display their works under the slogan “Art close up”. A changing series of exhibitions and regular opening days help to define our corporate culture in a fundamental way. When art is always in close proximity, it not only has an artistic impact, but also helps shape the daily attitudes and activities at our company. At the same time, this forum offers artists and interested persons a helpful, convenient venue for a fruitful exchange of views and insights. Our exhibitions of contemporary paintings, objects, sculptures etc. offer our staff and visitors alike a most interesting and compelling mix of diverse styles, forms and materials. Members of the public may also enjoy these works by appointment. 

Charity work

USU regards itself as part of a social network – with the objective of helping other people. For many years, we have supported a wide range of charitable projects both in the region and in developing countries. We support projects for children and young people in the Ludwigsburg district, e.g. the Silberdistel association which combats the sexual abuse of young people in Ludwigsburg or the Furtbachschule aid association in Möglingen which finances horse riding therapies for children suffering from ADHS. We also support Kinder brauchen Frieden e.V, an association which aims to improve the living conditions for needy children throughout the world. In addition to the educational partnership with regional schools in Möglingen and Asperg, we also contribute to development projects involving children and young people in Peru and Ghana.



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