ST08-2 USU License Management - Contracts

The 'USU License Management - Contracts' training addresses all core questions on contract handling in USU License Management and shows how contracts help managing the license inventory. You will experience all the possibilities USU License Management offers to set-up contracts and enrollments, to fit the various requirements of software contracts.

Content/Learning Objectives:
  • Get a general overview of the Contract Module in USU License Management
  • Learn the difference between licenses, contracts and enrollments
  • Practice how to record contracts and enrollments both manually and by using the import template
  • Learn how to assign contracts to licenses
  • Learn how to structure contracts
  • Learn about contract relations and scopes
  • Understand how the setup of contracts impacts the compliance results
Prior knowledge: You should be familiar with the general USU License Management functions and usage; e.g. have at least attended the basic training “ST03-1 USU License Management - End User Training”.