ST05-2 USU License Management - Software Inventory Process & Control

Once software inventory data has been successfully loaded into the application, it will be processed. This training focuses on validating the completeness and quality of the software inventory as well as understanding the associated monitoring and control activities.

Content/Learning Objectives:
  • Validation of imported devices and users
  • Understanding the signature coverage report in detail
  • Get to know and understand the signature status and recognition filters
  • Understand the analysis of the product recognition results, topologies and metrics engine calculation
Target Group:
  • Staff responsible for building and administration of recognition signatures and rule sets
  • Recognition/Inventory Engineer' (highly specialized content)
Prior knowledge: Basic knowledge of the application (end user training) is recommended
Date di formazione
Date Location Language Max. Partecipanti Open seats Prezzo per posto
18. Oct 2023 - 19. Oct 2023 Virtual Classroom (Germany) English 12 8 550 EUR ,519 USD Prenota ora