ST09-1 USU License Management - Compliance

This training will help you to effectively supervise and manage your compliance with USU License Management. It teaches you how to control influencing factors, manage your compliance and export reports.

Content/Learning Objectives:
  • How to generate and analyze compliance reports
  • Factors that influence the compliance balance (e.g. contract scopes, downgrade paths and downgrade rights)
  • How to effectively manage your compliance supervision process
  • How to positively influence your compliance

Prior knowledge:

You should be familiar with the USU License Management interface and functions and know how catalog data and licenses are managed in the application. Previous attendance of the following courses is recommended:
  • ST03-1 USU License Management - End User Training
  • ST04-1 USU License Management - Catalog Data
  • ST08-1 USU License Management - License Inventory