ST03-5 USU License Management - SAM Core Roles

This training gives you an overview of all operative and supporting roles of a SAM team and describes the activities of the core roles. After the theory, we discuss how this concept can be implemented into your organization/SAM team and who will take over the specific roles and corresponding tasks.

Content/Learning Objectives:
  • Get a general overview of coordinator roles (SAM Service Coordinator, Application Interface Coordinator, Software Inventory Coordinator, License Inventory Coordinator) and their specific tasks
  • Get a general overview of SAM roles (User Administrator, Application Interface Administrator, Software Inventory Administrator, License Inventory Administrator, License Balance Manager) and their specific tasks
  • Review the existing roles in your organization
  • Map the required roles for implementation to your existing role structure
Prior knowledge: You should be familiar with the general usage and functions of USU License Management, e.g. have attended the „ST03-1 USU License Management - End User” training.