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USU FinOps

Your path to greater cost awareness, sustainability and efficiency in the cloud

Make FinOps part of your management culture

FinOps practices help you gain a comprehensive understanding of all cloud costs and identify potential savings. As a software and solution provider, we support you in successfully establishing a holistic FinOps strategy in your company.


How to benefit from USU FinOps

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Focus on holistic cost optimization

We support you in identifying all cloud costs, whether IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, implementing targeted optimization measures and saving up to 30% on cloud costs.

Better cooperation among stakeholders

Unclear goals between operations, development and finance can lead to conflicts. We help you to bridge these communication gaps and improve collaboration.

Centralized view of all cloud costs in the company

We consolidate data for your IT finance department to allocate costs effectively and provide stakeholders with better comparability of providers in terms of type, size, location, and price of instances and services.

Transparent cloud cost management

First, USU Cloud Cost Management provides precise insights into cloud instance usage with automated reports. Next, our FinOps experts identify unused and optimizable cloud resources and offer recommendations like purchasing reserved instances, right-sizing, or BYOL. With the right strategy, align your cloud resource consumption with your actual requirements and save up to 30%.

USU Hybrid Cloud Management - Cloud Cost Management

SaaS management and cost optimization

Our SaaS Management tool provides complete visibility of SaaS environments with options for immediate cost optimization. With over 150 integrated connectors directly connected to providers' APIs, we pull relevant data from popular cloud products like M365, Salesforce, SAP, VMware, and others.

USU Software Asset Management - SaaS Optimization

Modern IT Financial Management

USU IT Financial Management offers comprehensive support for IT cost planning, budgeting, control, and billing, whether your costs are on-site or in the cloud. Our experts advise you on adapting to the FinOps framework and transitioning your IT processes to the TBM financial model.

IT Financial Management
Christopher Brune

A sound understanding of cloud costs and their allocation is crucial for optimization and maximum ROI. In the area of FinOps, it is therefore important to promote transparency in the cost structures of the cloud so that budget managers can make the right strategic decisions.

Christopher Brune, FinOps Lead, USU

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What exactly is FinOps?

FinOps, short for "Financial Operations" is a strategic approach to cloud cost management that promotes collaboration between finance, IT, and operations teams. This framework supports continuous optimization and precise decision-making to improve the efficiency of cloud resource usage.

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