End-to-End Monitoring Improve quality and monitoring of your IT services for the best user experience

End-to-End Monitoring

“Everything’s so slow again today!”
“The system has crashed! Again!”

Performance problems prolong processes, curtail your team’s efficiency, and fuel frustration. Security, continuous availability, and adherence to legal compliance requirements are your top priorities.

End-to-end monitoring dashboard

Ensure service quality through continuous monitoring

Our End-to-End Monitoring solution proactively monitors application availability and response time from the user’s perspective while also continuously checking and documenting the actual availability of IT services. You can identify system bottlenecks early on and systematically eliminate them even before users are impacted.

Dashboard End-to-End Monitoring

Selected features

Monitor availability and response times from the user’s perspective

Easy workflow setup

Central control and distribution of measurements

Support for all available and self-developed applications (Citrix, SAP, and others)

Audit compliance

Multiclient dashboards, automated error analysis, and in-depth reports

Integrated alerts

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