Hardware Asset Management

Track and manage your hardware assets to maximize security, efficiency, and compliance
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Manage your IT assets better

IT assets are the foundation for getting a digital business up and running, making revenue, and delivering excellent employee and customer service experience. To better manage your assets, you need a clear picture of what you have, where it is and what it costs.

Our Hardware Asset Management software provides a centralized visibility of all your hardware devices in your organization with deep insights from our managed technology catalog.

Gather and maintain relevant asset data to maximize the value of your IT estate during the complete asset lifecycle. Leverage end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-service (EOS) insights to minimize stockroom inventories and resource waste. This will reduce your risks and improve compliance with relevant regulations and policies.

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Your Benefits

Cost savings

Reduce unnecessary purchases and optimize the use of existing assets.

Improved efficiency

Streamline asset management processes, reduce downtime, and increase productivity.

Enhanced security

Track and manage your hardware to prevent theft or loss.

Asset Inventory Management

Our solution creates and maintains an accurate software and hardware inventory of all your owned and leased computers, servers, networking equipment, peripherals, and other devices. The insights are based on trusted and normalized data which is organized in one central single source of truth.

  • Seamless Tracking and Documentation, including details such as serial numbers, locations, configurations, purchase dates, warranty information, and assigned users
  • Automated Discovery and Monitoring through scanning the network for connected devices, ensuring the inventory remains accurate and current
  • Lifecycle Workflow Integration with the overall lifecycle management processes, from hardware requests, transfer orders, stock orders, to disposals. This allows for better forecasting of your hardware needs and guiding through all major tasks.

Asset Estate Visibility

USU facilitates seamless asset transitions throughout their lifecycle with enhanced visibility of the entire asset portfolio using a user-friendly, up-to-date dashboard. Get key metrics for hardware and consumable assets and benefit from relevant asset insights.

  • Assets ready for refresh
  • Assets set for retirement
  • Assets close to warranty end
  • Incomplete assets
  • Missing purchase details
  • Assets with multiple incident cases
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Asset Lifecycle Optimization

Utilize the USU Hardware Asset Management tool for strategic planning of the entire lifecycle of your hardware assets. This includes optimizing asset usage, planning for future upgrades or replacements, and aligning hardware investments with your business objectives.

  • Improve Lifecycle Management through guided workflows and higher data accuracy with correction recommendations at every stage of the asset lifecycle.
  • Ensure Optimal Use to prevent over-/under-utilization, minimize hardware waste, and mitigate technology risks.
  • Strategic Decision-Making by identifying the optimal moment for asset retirement, return, or recycling, ensuring proper wiping and disposal certification.

Hardware Lifecycle Management
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