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Flexible Multi-Bot Architecture for Exceptional Customer Service

Our chatbot is ready to use and highly flexible. Use it independently or in combination with other self-service modules that leverage the Knowledge Center as a single source of truth. Thanks to our multi-bot architecture, you can combine as many specialized chatbots as you need. They can be integrated with LLMs like ChatGPT and tailored to your corporate design, ensuring the highest quality of information. Our chatbots automate standard inquiries, execute actions, and seamlessly transfer tickets to CRM systems. They pre-qualify requests and escalate them to service agents when necessary. Enhance your customer service with efficient, AI-driven interactions and relieve your staff.

How you benefit

60 % fewer standard inquiries

40 % increased automation

20 % cost reduction

Highlights of USU Chatbot Software

Our chatbot platform offers a variety of features for diverse use cases.

AI Processes

AI-Powered Services

Our AI-driven chatbot solution accurately recognizes user intentions and offers data-driven services. Optionally, you can integrate ChatGPT or another LLM to enhance functionality.

Multi Bots

Multi-Bot Architecture

Our multi-bot architecture allows the combination of multiple bots without compromising the functionality of individual bots.

Process Tree

Dialog Designer

The Dialog Designer links questions with solutions, ensuring customers never reach a dead end with our chatbot.

Smart Ticketing

Smart Ticketing and Service Handoff

Functions can be performed independently, and when escalations occur, tickets are created and handed off to a service agent.



The reporting dashboard keeps your KPIs in view and highlights where bots have content gaps and need additional answers.



Our chatbot solution is ready to use immediately and doesn’t require an extensive training phase. This saves you time and resources, allowing for quick and seamless integration into your existing customer service.

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