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Optimization of IT expenditure through transparency of IT asset costs
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Cost transparency for IT assets: a central component of IT asset management

IT asset cost transparency is an integral part of IT asset management, providing complete visibility and traceability of the costs associated with owning and operating IT assets. This includes hardware, software, network infrastructure, and associated services. The goal is to give organizations a clear understanding of where and how their IT budget is being spent, which assets offer the greatest value, and where potential savings can be made.

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Your benefits with IT Asset Cost Transparency


Management of financial information for all IT assets

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Transparent lifecycle management of IT asset costs

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Data transfer to a connected IT financial management system

IT costs over the entire life cycle

By creating transparency over the entire lifecycle costs—from acquisition to operation to decommissioning—IT asset cost transparency enables decision-makers to make informed decisions about investment, optimized usage, maintenance, and renewal of IT assets. This not only optimizes costs but also better supports IT strategy and business objectives.

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IT asset cost transparency as the basis for efficient IT financial management

Linking IT asset management data with the USU IT Financial Management solution provides up-to-date quantity and asset cost information for budget planning and current cost control. This allows you to track changes in budget planning or operating costs initiated by the asset lifecycle at any time.

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