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You call a company's hotline as a customer and the person on the other end of the line has no information about you? Then you've ended up in a silo. With Pega software, this would not have happened, because Pega offers out-of-the-box customer engagement software that allows employees to access all relevant customer information on all channels and in all areas of the company at any time.

Pega consistently follows a center-out approach: the customer journey is developed from the customers and their needs - independent of the communication channels and backend systems. This allows you to create consistent experiences easily and efficiently for customers, prospects, and employees.


Applications that are not covered by the standard are not based on your existing systems, but map processes in a way that best suits your customers and your company. Business departments and IT develop workflows via a self-explanatory interface in a common IT environment. Pega Software writes your individual software in the background according to your business requirements. "Software that writes your software" - as Pega says.


Customer Decision Hub: the intelligent customer understanding

Always being there for your customers and providing them with exactly what matters most to the relationship in every situation is hard work. The good news is that Pega's Customer Decision Hub does it for you. No matter what channel or time of day customers or prospects contact your company, the AI-powered solution is wide awake. It analyzes the situation and suggests a unique next best action based on the individual contact:

Customer Lifetime Value

You optimize customer lifetime value.

Customer Experience

You provide a personalized customer experience.

Selling Potencials

You fully take advange of up-selling and cross-selling potential.

Customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty and reduce the churn rate.


You acquire more and better.

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Customer Engagement: for profitable customer relationships

Pega Customer Engagement Suite enables real-time customer engagement. With modules for sales, marketing and customer service. Complemented with the AI-powered Customer Decision Hub as an "advisor" for all applications, customer needs can be predicted early, interactions personalized and consistent customer experiences created across all channels.


Conversational UI & Virtual Assistants: excellent customer experiences

Whether applying, reporting a claim, ordering spare parts or reporting a problem - with Conversational UI & Virtual Assistants, also in combination with speech technologies, we offer a new dimension of the digital customer experience. Instead of filling out boring forms, your customers can talk comfortably with virtual assistants.

Digital Process Automation: Increase efficiency with automation

Pega BPM (Business Process Management) and Pega RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can be used to create applications for business processes, accelerate workflows, automate entire processes, and reduce human error.


Low Code Development: Develop applications yourself

The low-code platform with scalable architecture allows enterprise software to be created without development effort. Thanks to its structured design, it encourages users to take the plunge and flexibly bring currently required applications onto the road.


Pega is a unique software: it is both a low-code development and case management platform and a complete and sophisticated customer engagement system. In both disciplines, Pega is ranked in the top by analysts and lives up to this claim in practice.

Thomas J. Schwenk, Chief Strategist at USU

USU – Your strategic Pega partner

USU will ensure you gain the maximum benefits from your Pega software. Our Pega-certified experts (PCBA, PCSA, PCSSA & PCLSA) know the strategic applications of the Customer Engagement Suite and Intelligent Automation Platform inside out and can advise you on how to best use Pega software for the success of your company.

End-to-end digitization with your USU partner

With us, you drive the end-to-end digitization of your marketing, sales, and service processes. To do this, we combine Pega's customer engagement software with individual modules developed on the basis of the Pega platform to create a complete package that covers your requirements.

Your local Pega partner: World-class software for your market

Pega has the software - we know Pega, your market and your industry. With our Pega specialists and industry experts, you create customer engagement solutions that help you get the most out of your market.

Your long-term Pega partner

Long-standing customer relationships prove: We don't just talk about being there, we’re always there for you. No matter where in the project you need us: We take responsibility as a general contractor or wherever there is a fire and our Pega expertise is in demand.

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Pega Software: multiple awards from analysts

For the twelfth consecutive year, Pega has been ranked as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Centers.

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Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation

In the Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation, Pega received the visionary award.

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