Server & Application Monitoring with Capacity Management

Our Server & Application Monitoring enables you to define reciprocal relationships and dependencies to guarantee your systems and applications interact effectively. This results in efficient, automated monitoring of your servers and applications in your data center or in the cloud:

  • Agent-based solution featuring comprehensive best practices for Server & Application Monitoring
  • Additional agentless monitoring through database connectors, WMI, logical analyses, and the like
  • Central versioning and distribution
  • Integrated alerts
  • Cloud connectors (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle), including automatic discovery and best practices for monitoring your infrastructure in the cloud
Dashboard Serverüberwachung

Our Integrated Capacity Management solution gives you the tools you need to keep an eye on your resources. Ensure IT infrastructure and IT services capacities, meet agreed requirements, stay cost effective, and focus on performance.

Forecasts and trends

With Capacity Management, you measure and monitor the capacity of services, systems, and applications as well as prioritize, optimize, and plan capacities based on forecasts and trends.

Rightsizing capacities

This solution helps you allocate resources according to business needs & demand, and carry out planning quickly and flexibly. Precise forecasts reduce downtimes and significantly increase service availability.

Capacity management dashboard

Selected features

Central automated monitoring of your servers and applications

About 650 plug-ins available out of the box

Integrated discovery and automated monitoring of your cloud infrastructure and cloud services.

Forecasts and trend analyses for optimizing resources and costs
Comprehensive out-of-the-box reporting

Multiclient dashboards and faster error analysis

Integrated alarm management

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