IT Event Management Unified monitoring of your IT operations with centralized event correlation, SLA optimization, and ticket reduction


Get a consolidated view of all your IT operations

Our IT Event Management is our fully integrated unified monitoring solution that lets you monitor your IT operations all at once. It helps you quickly and precisely identify issues relevant to your customers, from end-user devices and applications to infrastructure and databases — all in real time and with minimal effort.

Business Service Monitoring dashboard

Easy to integrate

Our unified monitoring solution features numerous standardized interfaces to your existing systems and practice-proven event correlation, as well as giving you dashboards and extensive options for analysis and reporting — all in real time. For automated monitoring, you can connect an existing ITSM suite to our solution. Cut your operating and system support costs, and end the ticket avalanche while minimizing the risk of system disruptions and compliance violations.

: Techniker Krankenkasse dashboard
USU Umbrella Monitoring

You benefits

360° view of all your IT operations

Quick connection to existing system

High-performance event and ticket correlation

Highly automated

Multiclient dashboards and automatic error and impact analysis

Integrated alerts

Optimize your IT services and stop the flood of tickets

Monitoring solutions often run in isolation from one other, so they typically don’t recognize relationships across systems. Our IT Service Optimization solution recognizes, displays, and evaluates system relationships and creates a single ticket for the right department to handle the issue. This reduces the effort and number of tickets at your company, shortens processing times, and cuts costs.


By selecting USU, we’ve chosen an expert partner that offers both a widely established practical solution and the necessary technical expertise. The ZIS monitoring solution provides us with the basis to effectively and proactively monitor our complex IT infrastructure throughout the company — all from a single source.

Oliver Windler, Manager of Second-Level Servers and Data Centers, Allianz Technology AG

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