How to apply at USU

USU Bewerbung

Have you found the right job opening at our company, one that meets your expectations and offers the challenges you crave? Learn about our priorities and the steps we use in our application process.


1. What should I include with my application to USU?

  • A résumé
  • Relevant documents, including those related to your academic and professional performance (school and university transcripts with grades, training certificates, and job references)
  • Your remuneration expectations and your earliest possible starting date
  • Information on how you learned about us; that is, the channel involved — social networks, job search websites, or similar

2. How can I apply to USU?

Please use our online form. Select the position you’re interested in, then simply fill out our brief job application in no time. Please remember to upload all necessary application documents. Or you can apply by email at!

3. What should I keep in mind while filling out the online application?

Please use standard formats, such as PDF and Word, for your documents. Send your application files as compactly as possible (not too many individual documents and attachments). The total transfer size should not exceed 10 MB. If you forget to upload a document, you can send it to us later by email.

4. How long will it take to process my application?

At USU, we stand for lean, fast service processes so we’ll contact you as quickly as possible. The length of the application process can vary, depending on the job’s requirements and the number of applicants for the position.

5. Can I send an unsolicited application to USU?

Yes, we’d be happy to receive your application. Please send us your complete application materials, stating the area in which you would like to work and including your résumé, references, transcripts, and certificates.

6. How do we complete the application process at USU?

The HR department and the department with the vacancy will review your application. We’ll then decide if we should invite you to a personal job interview where we’ll take our time to get to know each other well. During the initial interview, you’ll have an opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of our company and the particular job area as well as learn more about us as a potential employer.

During this round of interviews, we focus on both your past career and your expectations. We’re also interested in hearing about how you tackle and solve problems, so this interview includes questions about your résumé and, potentially, your handling of case studies. Your interview partners will discuss real-world use cases with you. We view these interviews as open dialogues: You’re welcome to ask critical questions and to sell us on your ideas.

Shortly after the interviews, we let you know about the next steps in the process. A second interview may be held in individual cases.

7. May I simultaneously apply for several different jobs at USU?

Yes, you may. If you do, please send us just one application and specify in your cover letter which positions you’d like to pursue and which position you’d prefer.

8. How will I know that my application has been received?

We’ll confirm receipt of your application with you after we receive it. We manually process and confirm applications we receive by email. You should also check your spam folder to see if the confirmation ended up there.

9. I have a few other questions? Is there someone I can contact?

We’d be happy to answer your questions! Simply send us an email to or give us a call. Find the phone number for your particular HR contact partner to the right of the job listing on the page “Job search.”